Vapestick V1 Disposable E-Cigarette Review

Vapestick V1 Disposable E-Cigarette Review

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Vapestick V1 Disposable E-Cigarette Review

The creators of Vapestick E-Cigarettes have clearly spent a lot of time and money to ensure that their V1 E-cig  uses the latest technology and sets a new benchmark as the being the best ‘disposable’ available on the market.

Many disposables suffer leakage and poor battery life but with the Vapestick V1 you can be assured that the sensation you will experience is so close to smoking a traditional cigarette that it will leave you simply amazed.

The V1, with Vapestick’s signature blue light tip, comes pre-charged and ready to vape, without having to charge any batteries or replace any cartridges and is ready to use straight out its packaging.  On that point, the packaging is also of an excellent quality too, and we often found ourselves placing the V1 back in its hard plastic tube container and replacing the rubber stopper for safe –keeping! It comes in either all black (sliver band) or a classic design (brown and white with silver band).  The VAPESTICK logo is printed on the body which might put off some but it is a pretty cool logo and tastefully displayed, so did not bother us at all.

The V1 is available in Original flavor and two different nicotine strengths - Medium (1.4%) for light to medium smokers, and High (1.8%) for heavier smokers.

The V1 disposable is good for up to a massive 500 draws, which equates to approximately 40 to 50 normal cigarettes.  As well as all the obvious benefits over cigarettes, there is also a huge cost saving to be gained. With the cost of a packet of 20 cigarettes in the UK now in the region of £6.50, 50 cigarettes (2 and half packs) will set you back over £16 these days. The price of a vapestick V1 disposable at just £9.99 becomes a purchase of common sense.

Editor's Comment

The V1 is a disposable VAPESTICK that allows any smoker the chance to experience vaping at a reasonable price. It is perfect for parties, clubs, pubs and planes, giving users the reassurance of reliability and excellent performance. It is not the cheapest disposable on the market but it is consistently the best.  All smokers should give the V1 a try once – you will be literally amazed.

The V1 contains a pre-determined level of nicotine, propylene glycol and flavoring, with the major benefits of having no tobacco, no tar and none of the 4,000 harmful chemicals found traditional cigarettes.

Where the V1 really comes into its own is for parties, clubs, pubs and restaurants, where you can be confident you won’t run out of charge or vapour, and that blue signature light will ensure you don’t get hassled by anyone mistaking you for smoking a cigarette.

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Product Specification

  • Full Model Name: V1 Disposable
  • Av. Puffs Per Battery: 500 puffs
  • Battery Capacity: 240mAh
  • Battery Life: 0 charges
  • Recharge Time: 0 hours
  • Available Flavours: Original or Menthol
  • Available Strengths: 1.8% Nicotine Strength
  • Most Suitable Accessories:
  • Battery Charge Model:

User Comments


4th March 2012

I purchased a disposable vapestick yesterday for my husband. He didnt start using it until around 8pm last night. Its now 3pm the next day and the blue light is flashing allowing him to inhale nothing. Not impressed. The battery hasnt even lasted 24 hours, my husband has had around 30 of the 500 puffs available !!!!  My husband did think the stick itself was brilliant though as he felt like he was smoking a real cigarette. Its just annoying that its not even lasted 24 hours.

5th June 2012

Hi there - it sounds like you purchased a faulty item there! Just email with the full details and they will be sure to send you a replacement.

15th June 2012

I also purchased a disposable v1 from vapestick. It arrived quickly and I really enjoyed it -- felt like a real cig but didn't stink and of course not harmful. Unfortunately it ran out after less than 12 hours. I puffed it 100 times maximum. I was really disappointed so I emailed vapestick and they called me to let me know they're sending a replacement! Awesome! I really hope this one lasts longer! They did tell me there was a bad batch, so perhaps it was one of them. Unfortunately back to real cigs until it comes. Not enjoying them much at all, much prefer the vapestick!

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Our Verdict

The V1 is an excellent disposable electronic cigarette and perfect for anyone wanting to give e-cigarettes a try before committing to buying a more permanent alternative smoking medium. Great for Clubs, Pubs and Parties allowing smokers the freedom to vape without the need to go outside for a smoke.

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