Vapestick Design E-Cigarette Review

Vapestick Design E-Cigarette Review

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Vapestick Design E-Cigarette Review

The Vapestick Design range comes in one of three colour options; an attractive ‘all-matt black’ with silver band, or ‘all-matt white’ with pure white cartridges and silver band, or in stylish polished chrome with black cartridge. All options carry the distinctive VAPESTICK logo directly beneath the cartridge.

As with all Vapestick Starter Kits, included within the excellent presentation box is; one atomiser, two rechargeable lithium batteries, a velvet carry pouch, wall plug, USB charger, 10 refill cartridges and a V Card, confirming UK law regarding the smoking ban in public places – a clever addition which allows users to prove they can vape wherever they are, should someone try to suggest they can’t.

For those looking for an E-Cigarette that will not only satisfy their nicotine requirement but also be a desirable object of beauty then this is probably the range for you. The Vapestick Design range uses a latest generation atomiser, which is constructed using a ceramic arch to maintain its integrity.  The Design range is a solid choice that can always be relied on to give users a satisfying level of vapour as well as being a stylish fashion accessory.

The Vapestick Design uses a 150mAh battery which will gives users up to 300 draws following a complete charge cycle, which should ensure a full day’s use. It is also complimented by a beautifully designed accessory called the ‘V Charger Case’ (£29.99) - the same size a traditional pack of cigarettes and comes in a rubberised tactile finish, available in either Black or White. The case carries the vapestick electronic cigarette, as well as the spare battery, and up to 4 spare refill cartridges. The case itself can be charged via USB and will hold its charge for well over a week. When a Vapestick battery needs charging, it can be screwed into the case and be re-charged on the go – we like!

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A really stylish electronic cigarette for the fashion-conscious vaper. The Vapestick Design range of e-cigarettes gives a realistic throat hit and produces plenty of vapour. It looks good; it tastes good and feels great in the hand. The optional V Charger Case accessory is a must have for anyone on the go and compliments the overall look of the Design e-cig range. Starter Kit price at £47.99 is great value for a premium quality electronic cigarette and comes with 10 refills equating to approximately £45 worth of normal cigarettes (100 to 120 puffs per cartridge).

What makes the Vapestick Design range so popular is that not only is it stylish, but it is also still similar enough in size and feel to a traditional cigarette, so the psychological link is not broken.

As with all Vapestick e-cigarettes, the Design range comes with the signature blue light tip, and an assortment of 10 refills in the Vapestick Design Starter Kit, which allows users to test each nicotine strength and flavour to find their preferred option for future refill purchases. Flavour options currently include Original, Tobacco (roll-up), Menthol and Apple.

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2nd March 2012


want to stop smoking heard these e cigs were quirte effective

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Our Verdict

A very stylish Electronic Cigarette with excellent presentation and a great smoke to boot.  This range sets a new benchmark in technology and design innovation, bringing vaping to the fashion conscious. The atomiser and battery are of the highest quality making this a very solid product.

For those looking for an E-Cigarette that will not only satisfy their nicotine requirement but also be a desirable object of beauty then this is the range for you.

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