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VAPESTICK Classic Starter Kit

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The VAPESTICK Classic E-Cig model is the perfect entry-level VAPESTICK. It offers users the same look, size and feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette and comes with VAPESTICK’s signature blue light tip, which not only looks good, but also helps avoid any confusion when ‘vaping’ in public places. The vapour and ‘throat hit’ produced by the Classic is as close to a real cigarette as you can imagine.

VAPESTICK Classic ‘Starter Kits’ include the following contents:

  • 2x Classic Batteries
  • 6x Classic Cartomisers
  • 1x V Wall charger
  • 1x V USB charger
  • 1x V Carry Pouch
  • 1x V Card
  • 1x V User manual

The Classic ‘Starter Kit’ comes with two rechargeable 150mAh batteries, as well as 6 refill cartomisers in 6 different flavours, each delivering around 300 puffs. Flavours include: Tobacco, Original, Menthol, Apple, Cherry and Vanilla

Having two batteries in the starter kit allows you to have one on charge whilst using the other, so your VAPESTICK always has juice. Also in the Starter kit is a USB charger and wall charger, allowing the choice of charging the battery using a laptop or desktop, or via the mains.

The VAPESTICK Classic comes with a branded velvet carry pouch, to keep your VAPESTICK safe, and you also have the option to separately purchase a beautifully designed, tactile and functional ‘V Charger Case’ which has been designed specifically for the Classic and comes in a stylish black design.

The V Charger Case allows you to charge your spare battery on the go, whilst also holding the Classic itself as well as 4 spare refill cartomisers. 

All VAPESTICKs are manufactured with the highest quality components, and come with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Please note that rechargeable batteries and cartomisers are consumable items which will require replacement. A VAPESTICK Classic rechargeable battery will hold sufficient charge for typically 8 to 10 weeks, and Classic cartomisers will be good for around 300 puffs eachs.

VAPESTICK Classic is presented in a white box

Available Nicotine strengths:

  • Zero – 0% Nicotine
  • Low – 1.1% Nicotine
  • Medium – 1.8% Nicotine
  • High – 2.4% Nicotine

The benefits of using VAPESTICK

  • No Tar
  • No Carbon Monoxide
  • No Smell
  • No ‘Second-Hand Smoke’
  • No Fire Hazard
  • No Ash
  • No Bad Breath
  • No legal restrictions on where you can VAPE!

Product Specification

  • Full Model Name: Classic
  • Av. Puffs Per Battery: puffs
  • Battery Capacity: 150mAh
  • Battery Life: 140 charges
  • Recharge Time: 2 hours
  • Available Flavours: Original / Tobacco / Menthol/ Apple /Cherry /Vanilla
  • Available Strengths: Zero - 0.0%, Low - 1.1%, Medium - 1.8%, High - 2.4%,
  • Most Suitable Accessories: V Charger Case, Car Charger
  • Battery Charge Model: Classic

Vapestick Classic - Electronic Cigarette Review

Editor's Comment

The Vapestick Classic is the ultimate entry-level Electronic Cigarette, manufactured to the highest available standards. It gives a great throat... 

The Vapestick Classic offers an experience so close to smoking a traditional cigarette that it will leave new users amazed.  It uses a 150mAh lithium-Ion battery which allows the user up to around 5 hours of 'smoke-time' following a complete charge cycle.

The Vapestick Classic Starter Kit retails at £29.99 and comes in a very iPhone-esque white presentation box, including; two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, six assorted cartomiers refills (brown tips), a velvet carry... 

Read more about the Vapestick Classic...

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