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If you're new to electronic cigarettes (and let's face it, as a recent innovation, many of us are) one of the dilemmas is knowing which e-cig brand or from which electronic cigarette company you should buy. To switch from using tobacco cigarettes, to the great alternative that e-smoking offers is definitely worth doing; but where do you start - most smokers will be unfamiliar with the various electronic cigarette companies.

Part of the problem here is that the familiar tobacco companies, that supply the traditional smoking community with nicotine (not to mention health risks), have been running scared from the market in electronic cigarettes. Their business is tobacco, and they want to continue to milk profits from their captive market of smokers, for as long as possible. So it's been left to new start-up electronic cigarette companies to innovate, and bring this exciting tobacco alternative to market.

The first electronic cigarette company was a Chinese company called Ruyan- it was their designers and technicians who came up with many of the basic concepts of the original electronic cigarettes. They perfected the idea of using safe, inert solvents, like vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, to dissolve nicotine in, and form the vapour which e-smokers have become used to.Vapestick charging using usb port on a laptop

Many other electronic cigarette companies have jumped into that market now, which has matured and grown significantly over the last five years. But most of the companies, and their brands, are unfamiliar to smokers in the West and the UK. So it does require something of a leap of faith to select an electronic cigarette company that you can trust to provide quality e-cigarettes.

One way to avoid such a leap is ask friends and relatives, who may have tried e-smoking already, about their experiences with the various electronic cigarette companies out there. If they have been e-smoking for a reasonable amount of time, their insights could be very useful. However, with the relative novelty of electronic cigarettes, it's quite likely that you will need to turn elsewhere for advice.

A good source of advice, tips and recommendations on all things to do with e-smoking is one of the growing nimber of e-cigarette forums. Here you can get to know fellow e-smokers, who will only be too happy to share their views as to the best electronic cigarette company for UK-based e-smokers.

Another thing to check is whether the electronic cigarette company are members of ECITA (The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association) which is the trade organisation for electronic cigarettes in the UK. Electronic Cigarette Direct is the official online outlet for VAPESTICK premium electronic cigarettes which are not only top quality products but the Vapestcik Group of which we are part are founder members of ECITA.

Of course, one thing that anyone seeking an alternative to tobacco will have in mind is safety. After all, tobacco smoking has turned out to be horrendously damaging to people's health. You don't want to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. So it makes sense to check out what testing your selected electronic cigarette company has done. Several of the leading brands have published the results of testing by independent bodies, so look out for those companies that are not shy of doing so, especially with your first e-cigarette brand.

Electronic cigarettes do make a great substitute to smoking tobacco, so don't let your unfamiliarity stop you from selecting the best of the many alternative electronic cigarette companies out there.

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