Electric Pipe Smoking

Dig Out The Smoking Jacket-Electric Pipe Smoking Has Arrived!

You have probably heard of electronic cigarette smoking, the latest craze to flit through to the United Kingdom. But did you know that, among the stupendous array of choices available on the market, you can now count electric pipe smoking? An electric smoking pipe looks much like real smoker’s pipes, and they feel just as comfortable to hold too. It is probably the most unique way to make a fashion statement so far in the twenty first century. Sir Walter Raleigh would be proud, if he knew his discovery had travelled so far into the future, without any deviations from his day.

Speaking of deviants, what a devious way to indulge yourself in your favourite pastime without breaking any anti-smoking laws here in the UK. That's because electric pipe smoking involves no tobacco, and no burning and so do not fall under their remit.

There's definitely no passive smoking around electronic smoking pipes because there is no smoke at all. E-pipes work courtesy of a heating element buried in the pipe, which is activated when you suck on the mouth piece. That vaporises a small quantity of e-liquid, the vapour is released and then inhaled by the user. Man with Vapestick and women with chrome

This is called ‘vaping’ instead of smoking, because although similar in many ways, the consequences are very different. Any nicotine then goes straight to the user's lungs and only a negligible amount is exhaled into the vicinity with electric pipe smoking. Combine that with a lack of smoke particles and toxins found in traditional cigarettes, and feel what a socially responsible person you are!

And they are much kinder to you as well; none of the carcinogens or toxins abundant in tobacco burning products, no tar for you either. Loved ones in your life will like you more, because you don’t stink of fag smoke any more. And you will like yourself better because you won’t have yellow teeth and fingers. There is no emptying of your pipe ash and digging down the bowl-end with electric pipe smoking either.

All you have to do is refill it with the glycerine-based e-liquid, when it runs out. No hunting around for ashtrays any more. The refills are available in a range of nicotine concentrations, and tobacco flavourings. You can also have the choice from a truly astonishing range of flavours, in addition to conventional tobacco; bubble gum, kola kiss, ylang ylang, or even smoky bacon flavour! Now you've just got to stick that in your pipe and vape it!

Of course electric pipe smoking has all the advantages that electric cigarette smoking has; it is not against the smoking prohibitions in the UK. You can use your e pipe anywhere you want. You can stow it away in your pocket or bag without fear of burning anything; e pipes only work when you activate them. It is a relatively cheap hobby too. Once you have bought the starter kit, you then only have to pay for the refills when you run out, and they are very cheap, in comparison to overtaxed tobacco.

If you like to take an original slant on things, or want to bring back fondly remembered old glories, then electric pipe smoking could be for you.

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