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The buzz that is sweeping through the UK's smoking community right now is the e-fag. E-fags are electronic cigarettes (yes, you heard that right!) that contain the same nicotine levels and have the look and feel of regular, conventional cigarettes. However, the e-fag has some definite advantages over conventional cigarettes.

To start with, the e-fag only contains nicotine, and none of the other cigarette smoke ‘nasties’, like toxins and carcinogens. The e-fag cartridge contains what you ‘smoke’, the 'e-liquid', a small quantity of glycerine-based liquid, which has a solution of nicotine and some flavouring in it. There are a number of refills available, of different strengths of nicotine, with a fixed ratio to liquid; so you choose which nicotine intake suits you. Friends having a coffee and vaping

When the e-fag user inhales on the mouthpiece (the filter end of the electronic cigarette cartridge) a tiny vaporiser is activated. This heats some e-liquid and releases a small amount of vapour from the e-liquid. Then the vapour is inhaled, and this whole process is termed ‘vaping’. According to e-fag users, the hit to the lungs is very similar to that which you get when inhaling a conventional cigarette.

Among the big advantages e-fag smokers gain are that, while conventional smoking is banned in many public places and frowned upon in many private homes, ‘vaping’ is not illegal. The vapour is relatively pleasant, so you won't be treated like a social leper any more, amongst your non-smoker friends.

As an e-fag user, you can have a clear social conscience. Only a tiny quantity of nicotine is exhaled, as your lungs absorb most of it before it escapes back into the atmosphere surrounding the ‘vaper’. You are not guilty of making others breathe in second-hand smoke. Then you can add this big advantage - that you are not going to make your clothes, your hair, house or car all smoky yellow and stinky. You’ll be feeling positively saintly by now!

The cost of e-fag vaping can be significantly lower than for a conventional cigarette smoking habit. Once you have made the initial investment of choosing the starter kit, you only have to top up with refill e-liquid; these are cheap and so vaping can be very cost effective. And the e-fag can be lots more fun - you can choose from an assortment of flavours. Anyone for tootie fruity or strawberry? Or maybe even chocolate! But equally you can stick with the flavours that smokers are more familiar with; various brands of cigarette flavours are also catered for.

So, can you imagine life with an electronic cigarette, which isn’t viewed as dirty and disgusting, that you can use anywhere, and that you can just pop back into its case? No more feeling guilty or looking around for an ashtray or somewhere convenient to dispose of your cigarette butt? An accessory that you can derive just as much satisfaction out of as you could with conventional cigarettes - because you can still vape when you are out with your friends, in the pub. Yes, actually IN the pub!

E-fags are catching on pretty fast. Clean, convenient and stylish, they are an alternative to tobacco smoking that you no longer have to hide.

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