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Electronic Cigarette FAQ - The Facts About E-Cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette FAQ - The Facts About E-Cigarettes.

it’s natural, for those people who have only just heard about them, and considering whether electronic cigarettes will be for them, to have a lot of questions to ask. This electronic cigarette FAQ (or frequently asked questions) attempts to address some of the questions you may have. But first of all, let's start our electronic cigarettes FAQ with an introduction to most important points relating to the electronic cigarette

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe

Are electronic cigarettes safe? is a question that is uppermost in the minds of those thinking of taking up e-cigs; after all, old-fashioned tobacco cigarettes have a pretty bad reputation for health; so it would makes sense to check out the latest information on electronic cigarette safety

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Why Electronic Cigarettes...

E-Fag | The Valid Electronic Alternative For Smokers Worldwide

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-15 00:08:19

The buzz that is sweeping through the UK's smoking community right now is the e-fag. E-fags are electronic cigarettes (yes, you heard that right!) that contain the same nicotine levels and have the look and feel of regular, conventional cigarettes. However, the e-fag has some definite advantages over conventional cigarettes.

To start with, the e-fag only contains nicotine, and none of the other cigarette smoke ‘nasties’, like toxins and carcinogens. The e-fag cartridge contains what you ‘smoke’, the 'e-liquid',... 

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Electronic Cigarette Accessories | Choose Style And Practicality

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-14 21:54:19

There's a lot of smokers out there now who have cottoned on to the new trend in smoking alternatives – the electronic cigarette. They love the way that it has completely changed their approach to smoking. Instead of hiding away in cubbyholes, or being blasted in draughty smoking shelters, electronic cigarette users are 'coming out' with their e smoking. They don't need to hide it any more, or suffer the indignities of patches and gums and inhalers. And with that new pride in their habit has come the need to ensure that their new e cig 'toys' are looked after. So... 

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Buy Electronic Cigarettes - Why On Earth Would I Purchase One?

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-14 21:51:54

By now you must have heard about the electronic cigarette, or e-cig, and about the way they are shaking up the world of smoking. On the other hand you might be wondering why people would want to buy electronic cigarettes. Well, there are plenty of good reasons to change to an electronic cigarette from traditional tobacco cigarettes, let's run through just a few of them.

Firstly, and probably the thing that has smokers most excited, is the total freedom to use them, wherever, whenever you want. The smoking ban in public places does not... 

but electronic electronic cigarettes

Kind Consumer Uses His Vapestick To Give Up Tobacco Cigarettes

By Jennie. Last updated 2011-06-09 16:29:33

Almost every day a kind consumer will email the customer support team at electronic cigarette direct to share their thoughts and experience on using their Vapestick in real life.
Our kind consumer comments cover people attempting  to cut down on tobacco cigarettes, some just wanting to have a vapestick to smoke when they are going out for the evening enabling them to smoke without fear of the ban whilst some are attemting to give up tobacco cigarettes altogether and some are hoping that an e-cigarette will ease their path to quitting... 

Kind Consumer Quits Cigarettes

Easy E-Cigarette The Amazing Vapestick Max

By Jennie. Last updated 2011-07-01 14:31:54

If you are ready for the switch to e-smoking and are searching for an easy e-cigarette to own that won’t let you down at critical moments, that has a long battery life, that looks cool wherever you are and that’s been designed to ensure you get the ultimate e-smoking experience that’s as near to the real thing as it gets then let us introduce you to the amazing VAPESTICK® Max.

The VAPESTICK® Max is an easy e-cigarette to use which has been designed by smokers for smokers. If you are considering buying an electronic cigarette as a... 

Easy E-Cigarette

Electronic Smoking | Why E-Cigarette Vaping Is The New Smoking

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-15 19:12:24

What is electronic smoking? Well, to keep it simple, it is just the use of electronic cigarettes; and strictly speaking there’s no such thing as electronic 'smoking'! Because e-cigarettes do not make smoke, they make vapour. So users of electronic cigarettes have coined various terms to mark it out as different from smoking; electronic smoking, e-smoking or even ‘vaping’.

However, for the smoker, the important thing is that the vapour contains nicotine. You can still inhale plenty of nicotine from electronic smoking,... 

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What to Look Out For In the Best Electronic Cigarette

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-14 21:50:09

How do you decide which is the best electronic cigarette for you? There are a number of factors that you can take into account. Firstly though - congratulations on your decision to make electronic cigarettes a part of your life! There are a massive number of benefits to them, and you certainly won't look back once you have found your Best Electronic Cigarette.

So what of those benefits? Well, the only drug that electronic cigarettes contain is nicotine, so you are already doing away with a whole raft of carcinogens and toxins found in... 

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Mini Electronic Cigarette | Time To Go Compact, Casual And Classic

By chris. Last updated 2011-01-15 19:16:31

In the short time that electronic cigarettes have been available on the market, they have completely revolutionised the prospects for smokers around the world. With their simple, but effective design, they offer the smoker a substitute for smoking that looks and feels like smoking, and that still gives you a nicotine hit to soothe your craving. However, despite many clever and stylish designs, the original electronic cigarettes can appear to be quite bulky. Those that are made to replicate cigarettes certainly look like them; but they are not as easy to handle and... 

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    The VAPESTICK Classic rechargeable battery 150mAh is... 

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